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The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the implementation arm of the MTP, and programs capital investments over the next 4 federal fiscal years, and must be fiscally constrained.

The full process for turning a project from a vision in the MTP, to a deliverable piece of infrastructure or infrastructure improvement can be found in the Local Public Agency Manual provided by DOTD.  Supporting documentation and literature for this process can also be found here.

Once the Local Public Agency (LPA) has completed a Stage 0 Planning and Feasibility checklist, it is submitted to the MPO staff, who then review the project to assure compliance with state and federal guidelines, as well as fiscal constraint. The MPO staff then submit the LPA’s Stage 0 checklist with a letter of support for review to DOTD. Once the project has been reviewed and granted a project number, it may be programmed into the TIP.

The TIP is a working document and is often adjusted and amended to accommodate changes in project delivery and scope.