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Coordination In Human Services Transportation Plan

The Imperial Calcasieu Regional Planning and Development Commission (IMCAL) initiated this “Coordination In Human Services Transportation Plan” in the interest of exploring ways in which better and more cost effective services could be provided for transportation to the dependent residents of Southwest Louisiana. This “Coordination In Human Services Transportation Plan” was formed not only for the Lake Charles Metropolitan Planning Area but the entire Imperial Calcasieu region with the assistance from representatives of Social Services, Private, Non-Profit, and Public Agencies including the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, and the Federal Transit Administration. This committee meets to advise and assist in the conduct of the feasibility assessment. The entire project team offers thanks and acknowledgment to the dedicated participants in the creation of this plan.

Human Services Transportation Plan Committee Member Agencies

Voting Members

Allen Parish Council on Aging
Beauregard ARC
Beauregard Council on Aging
Calcasieu ARC
Calcasieu Council on Aging
Calcasieu Parish Transit
Cameron Parish Council on Aging
City of DeRidder/Beauregard Transit
Jefferson Davis Council on Aging
Mayor’s Commission on Disability (Lake Charles)
Public Works, City of Lake Charles

Non-Voting Members

LaDOTD Representative
LaDOTD Rural Transit

Other Related Stakeholders

City of DeRidder
211 Service
LaDOTD – Urban Program Manager
Lake Charles Transit

Regular Meetings:

In compliance with the Louisiana Open Business Laws: It is essential to the maintenance of a democratic society that public business be performed in an open and public manner and that the citizens be advised of and aware of the performance of public officials and the deliberations and decisions that go into the making of public policy”.  For additional information, see the full text of the Open Meetings Law set forth in LSA-R.S. 42.4.1

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