Lake Charles Transit Study

“The Lake Charles Transit System is conducting a survey to evaluate the bus system in order to improve service. Please click on the following link to participate in this survey.
Your participation will ensure that your voice is heard so that we can make riding the bus a better experience. Thank you for taking the time to help in this effort!


  1. I am a local nephrology social worker and am speaking on behalf of my patients who use the Transit Bus as disabled persons for medical transportation. The current schedule limits the number of patients who can utilize the service, even though they qualify. Most dialysis centers run 3 shifts on MWF so patients don’t get off of treatment until 6PM or later. Our patients who run on TTS shift also don’t have a ride on Saturdays. This is life saving treatment and the lack of transportation resources serving our parish limit patients like these from getting to and from the medical services they need. Many families do try to assist, but it’s very difficult when a patient must attend treatment 3 x week for 3.5-4.5 hours each time.

    1. Miss Carpenter;

      The City of Lake Charles Para-Transit Service offers a special mode of transportation to disabled people who meet federal eligibility guidelines. The Transit System is equipped with vans that have wheelchair access and can transport passengers from origin to destination, such as hospital clinics, doctor’s offices, medical centers, grocery stores, pharmacies and more.

      The Para-Transit’s hours of operation are 5:45 A.M. to 5:45 P.M. Monday through Friday, except on City holidays. The fare is $1.00 per trip or $2.00 per round trip. Eligible passengers should call (337) 491-1267 one day in advance to schedule appointments.
      You can view the para-transit service guide here.

      In addition to this service, Calcasieu Parish provides a number of services that can be found here.

      If you or your passengers are unsure of which services they might qualify for they can call 211 for further assistance and ride scheduling.

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