Addendum1: RFQ 2045 MTP for the Lake Charles Urbanized Area

Concerning the following contents of the 2045 MTP RFQ Scope:

  • Page 7 of the RFQ to be amended to read as follows:
    • A proposed work plan indicating tasks to be accomplished, work schedule, consultant personnel/subcontractors expected to perform each major task element, person/hours and estimated costs required to accomplish each task, and the involvement (and timing of that involvement) anticipated from the MPO staff. The consultant shall identify possible activities to be performed by staff to coordinate public involvement, various meetings, etc. The proposed cost for services should be included in the consultant’s proposal. The total cost for services should include a breakdown of: 1) staff hours for each individual person assigned to the project; 2) hourly rates for each staff person; 3) fringe benefit rates; 4) overhead rates; 5) direct costs; etc.
  • On page 9, Evaluation Criteria #3 – “Past performance on LCMPO projects:”
    • firms with no prior performed work for the LCMPO will be given a neutral score of 3.5 to balance against firms with both poor and excellent previous performance.
  • On page 9 “Evaluation Criteria” the RFQ states, “Other weighting factors may be used for special project requirements:”
    • This verbiage is taken directly from LCMPO’s current consultant selection procedures. It is there as a placeholder should any project need special consideration.
    • In this case, as the MTP should be a fairly standard process, there will not be “special project requirements.”
    • The only irregularities in the scope are the breadth (covering Calcasieu Parish beyond the MPA), including Complete Streets, and including FAST Act performance measures. These extraneous factors will not be given extra weighting factors, but will be considered by how well the consultant seemed to understand them via the SOQ.
  • Per page 22, “Dedicated project website:”
    • The 2045 MTP will have a dedicated website. LCMPO staff will work directly on design and maintenance. The consultant will be responsible for content creation. A hosted WordPress site is desired for ease of use.
  • In regards to the scope and schedule of the Regional Traffic Impact Study referenced on page 23:
    • The scope of the Impact Study can be found at
    • The schedule of the impact study will be made available once it is ready.

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